Oracle Database 12c, 18c & 19c Product Versions and Upgradation Path

As you may know Oracle introduced a new versioning formation from 18c. Until Oracle was releasing versions like 10g, 11g, and 12c. Oracle announced to release a version every year from 2018 and it could be like Oracle Database 18c, 19c and 20c.

Oracle Database 12c: Oracle database 12c consider all version from 12c R1( to 12c R2 ( .

Oracle Database 18c: 18c is a new version but not a major release but a new approach to the software releases. 18c is equivalent to

Oracle Database 19c: 19c will be the terminal release and Oracle Premier support will continue until April 2024. So Better to upgrade directly to or 19c as Oracle Database 19c is the long-term release for the 12c, 18c and 19c family of databases. In addition, Oracle Database 19c now supports up to 3 pluggable databases (PDBs) per container database (CDB) without requiring additional multitenant license.

Oracle Database Support Matrix: Oracle Link

Oracle Database Releases:

19c Database Upgradation Path:

New Auto Upgrade Tool:

  • Oracle Database Auto Upgrade allows DBAs to upgrade one or many databases without human intervention.
  • Allows the DBA to upgrade one or many databases without human intervention
  • The Auto Upgrade utility identifies issues before upgrades, deploys upgrades, performs post upgrade actions, and brings up the upgraded Oracle Database

Target Version Support the Auto Upgradation Tools:

  • Oracle Database 19c (19.3 and newer)
  • Oracle Database 18c (18.5 and newer)
  • Oracle Database 12c Release 2 (12.2 + DBJAN2019RU and newer)

Auto Upgrade Master Note – Doc ID 2485457.1

Database Server Upgrade/Downgrade Compatibility Matrix: Doc ID 551141.1