Oracle GolgeGate

Oracle GoldenGate is a comprehensive software solution provided by Oracle for real-time data integration and replication in heterogeneous IT environments. It enables the exchange and manipulation of data at the transaction level among multiple, diverse platforms across the enterprise

Use of GoldenGate:

  1. Data Replication:
    • GoldenGate is often used to replicate data between different databases in real-time. This is valuable for maintaining consistent and up-to-date information across multiple systems.
  2. Data Migration:
    • During system upgrades or migrations, GoldenGate can be employed to ensure a smooth transition of data from the old system to the new one without significant downtime.
  3. Business Continuity and High Availability:
    • GoldenGate supports high availability by providing a continuous flow of data, reducing the risk of data loss in the event of system failures. It helps in creating and maintaining redundant copies of critical data.
  4. Data Warehousing:
    • Businesses use GoldenGate to feed data warehouses in real-time, ensuring that the data in the warehouse is always current for analytical purposes.
  5. Reporting and Analytics:
    • GoldenGate facilitates real-time data availability for reporting and analytics, allowing organizations to make informed decisions based on the most recent data.
  6. Distributed Databases:
    • In scenarios where organizations have distributed databases across different locations, GoldenGate helps synchronize and update data across these locations in real-time.
  7. Data Consolidation:
    • GoldenGate can be used to consolidate data from various sources into a centralized system, providing a unified and consistent view of information.
  8. Zero Downtime Upgrades and Migrations:
    • Businesses often use GoldenGate to perform system upgrades or migrations without disrupting operations. The application allows for continuous data replication during the migration process.
  9. Real-time Data Integration:
    • GoldenGate supports the integration of data in real-time, allowing different applications and databases to work together seamlessly.
  10. Data Transformation and Filtering:
    • The tool allows for data transformation and filtering, enabling organizations to customize the way data is replicated and presented in the target system.

Manager Process:

Manager is the controller process that instantiates the Oracle GoldenGate processes, allocates port numbers, and performs file maintenance.

Use of Manager Process:

  • Manage the port number of the processes.
  • Control all other processes like extract, pump and replicate.
  • Start GoldenGate processes including dDynamic pProcesses.
  • Start the collector process.
  • Perform trail file management.

DYNAMICPORTLIST: The use of DYNAMICPORTLIST to specify the ports that Manager can dynamically allocate to Collector and Replicat processes and to GGSCI sessions.

Extract Process: Extract process runs for source database which help to extract all changes for relevant tables and write to the local trail files.

Pump Process: Pump process also called a secondary extract process which run on source database. Read the extracted data from extracted trail file in source database server and stages it in the local trail files on the target database server for the REPLICAT process to apply it to the target database.

Server Collector: The collector is a server process runs in the background on the target server. And Receives extracted data from source database server and stages it in the local trail files on the target database server for the REPLICAT process to apply it to the target database.

Replicat Process: The Replicat process Runs for the target database server. It Reads extracted data from the local trail file on the target database server and applies the data to the target database.