Initial Load for GoldenGate Replication Setup

Extract and Replicat processes take care the data from the point of setup of the processes. To setup a replication using Goldengate, We need to make sure that existing data are properly copied from Source to Target and this is called Initial Load.

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GoldenGate Error and Solution

ERROR OGG-25127 Received an error reply requesting a graceful shutdown:

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Enable DDL Replication in GoldenGate

In this article, I will show how to enable DDL replication for a table or schema which is the part of  goldengate replication.

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Create a User ALIAS for GoldenGate Credential using CREDENTIALSTORE

CREDENTIALSTORE: Creates a credentials store (wallet) that stores encrypted database user credentials. The CREDENTIALSTORE is a new feature in Oracle GoldenGate 12c and the default location of the credential store is “$GG_HOME/dircrd”.

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Configure GolgeGate Replication with19c

To configure Oracle GoldenGate replication, we need to create below processes. In this article, I will use Oracle Database as source and target.

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RMAN Command

Recovery Manager (RMAN) is a command-line tool provided by Oracle for managing the backup and recovery of Oracle databases. RMAN automates the process of creating backups, restoring datafiles, and recovering the database. Here are some key concepts and commands related to Oracle RMAN.

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Install Oracle GoldenGate 19c on Linux

In this article, I will demonstrate how to install Oracle GoldenGate 19c on Linux Server. We will follow these Steps:

  • Download GoldenGate Binary
  • Installation Pre-Task
  • Installation with GUI Mode
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GoldenGate Commands

Mostly, DBA configures and manages GoldenGate components by using GGSCI command-line Interface. GGSCI stands for GoldenGate Software Command Interface. It allows you to perform various tasks related to the administration and monitoring of Oracle GoldenGate components.

Help command use to get all available commands with details.

GGSCI> help

Manager Commands:

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Recover a Table From a Drop/Truncate/Delete By RMAN

User may drop or truncate a table or delete records accidently which need to recover. Even sometimes we may need to recover the data for a table for corrupted data. This is very difficult to restore the full DB if database size is huge like Terabytes. I will demonstrate with this Article how we can recover the single table from backup and archive log up-to point in time or SCN.

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Improve Backup Performance – Change Tracking

RMAN’s improvement in incremental backup performance is facilitated by its change tracking feature, which records altered blocks in a designated file. Enabling change tracking allows RMAN to efficiently identify changed blocks for incremental backups without the necessity of scanning every block in the datafile.

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