Tips to Avoid Mistake and Be a Safer DBA

There is around 33% disaster occurs on database world for user error/mistake.

If you follow couple of rules, you will able to overcome lots of possible mistake.

  • When perform any kind of deployment, try to close all other connection either on Putty or Toad.
  • If you perform delete or update records, try to take table backup first even application people don’t mention. If Table size is huge, you make take only affected records backup using Toad or SQL Developer.
  • Don’t run any command which you don’t know the affect or details about it.
  • Don’t go to production directly with any solution provided by any portal or even oracle support. Must test on lower environment first before going to production. Keep in mind each and every environment is different.
  • If you have one cent doubt, talk to senior teammate or raise SR in metalink. It will help you to avoid a major incident.
  • Don’t play on production database.

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    • John on at

    Thanks a lot for sharing these information. For Jr DBA these are very useful.

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