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Install Oracle Linux 7 on VM

This article describes the installation process of Oracle Linux 7.1 on VM. Installation process will be same for any version of Linux 7.

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Create Virtual Machine (VM) for Exadata Storage Server

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI)

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure OCI Details are coming soon…

Create Oracle RAC Database Using DBCA

Run DBCA utility from oracle user. You have to set ORACLE_HOME AND ORACLE_SID

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Create ASM Disk Group

In this topic I will show how to create ASM DISK Group using ASMCA tools or command line. From grid owner (either grid or oracle user) need to set environment variable for ASM Instance and run asmca command from GUI mode. [grid@exadb01 ~]$ . oraenvORACLE_SID = [grid] ? +ASM1The Oracle base has been set to …

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Oracle Database Software Installation and Create Database on RAC

In this topic I will describe how to install Oracle Database Software. There is no difference between installation on Non-Exadata and Exadata for RAC environment.

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Grid Infrastructure ( Installation

In this topic, I will show how to install Oracle Grid Infrastructure on Computer Node using Exadata Storage Server.

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Deinstall Oracle Software in Silent Mode

All kind of installations and configurations including de-installation of Oracle RAC or Database, we can perform using either GUI or Silent mode. GUI mode is more easier as it shows all option (with details) step by step but it may not possible for all the cases or may not support on environment. So we can …

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Patch (PSU) Automation

Applying patch is one the main maintenance task for a DBA. DBA team needs to give lots of effort to apply patch in every quarter. To minimize the manual effort I tried to make patching automation which will support following environments: It will support for 11g and 12c Databases Including RAC and Standalone It will …

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Steps for PSU (Patch Set Update) Patching on RAC with Data Guard

Applying patch is one of the important task for DBA. I will discuss here how to apply PSU patch on your RAC database including DR for 12c and 11g. Patch Set Update: A collection of proactive, stabilizing cumulative patches for a particular product version (base release or patch set). PSUs are cummulative and include all …

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